Clash Music Mix

Buzzin' to be on the RADIO CLASH Airwaves again - it's been too long people! How y'all feelin'? I got a days notice on this mix so I hope it turned out OK. Threw that in the mix of getting ready for first time camping with the kids to Camp Bestival via Devon. But you know what I still knew I had to t-t-take my chances and get the mix in.

CLASH came along when music magazines were finished and made it cool again. I also have a lot of memories about times reading the magazine on a train or being at one of their live events in a field in Scotland or somewhere. They also really supported my band 2020Soundsystem when we were live so can call in a favour like this - YO!

Track list

Auntie Flo - So In Love (Extended Version) ft. Shingai (Huntleys + Palmers)
Outboxx - Under The Lights (FUTURE BOOGIE RECORDINGS) Usio - Gonna Make It (STUIO BARNHAUS) 
PBR Streetgang - Return to Page One (Tuff City Kids Remix) (20/20 Vision Recordings) 
Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow - I Don't Know (LOST IN TIME) 
Luna City Express - Smokin Bull (20/20 Vision) 
OL - Myxa (Meda Fury)
A1 Bassline - Hold - (Gruuv)
Takuya Matsumoto - Ram (MEDA FURY)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Official) - Lost And Found (Steve Bug Lost It Mix) (TRONIK SOUNDZ) 
SPIRIT CATCHER - Official Page - Blast from the Past (20/20 Vision)