inner city electronic 001

The dust has finally settled after the debut edition of inner city electronic. We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came into the city and were touched that it sold out first year. It felt like a special day indeed with so many people feeling it. When we first thought of the idea to get all the coolest independent city centre venues together we could only hope that the concept would work, so it was a huge relief to walk from venue to venue and see them all nicely busy.

I got round as much as I could and saw some really inspiring performances and workshops. It would be great to know what your highlights were too. For me personally it’s been like a new lease of life and new-found love of electronic music in every shape and form.

The last year working on the project has felt like new beginnings to me. We’ve entered a hyper productive and exciting time for music and entered a new world with no boundaries. There’s an open book waiting to be written.

I felt inspired to create this DJ Mix to thank all the team who worked so hard on the project, all the artists who came to play and of course all the people who supported the first inner city electronic, here is 001...