RiL015 Project 40 - When I Fell in Love (Discomagic)

240x240 Project Forty - When I Fell in Love.jpg

This is one of those strange anomaly records that turned up from Italy in the early 90s.  It is actually UBQ Project - When I Fell N Love but for no apparent reason the artist name has been changed to Projct Forty, that's not my typo, it is a misspelling on the label, I presume it is meant to be Project Forty.  It has a mix that doesn't feature on any other pressing I can find, very close to Terry Hunter's 'Sextra-mental mix' but not the same.  So I have no idea if it's a different mix, out-take or extra version. Anyway that's the one I played at the>music:factory for back to basics. Girls simulating orgasms on records is somewhat dated now, there's only one record that ever went the whole way and did it properly - we all know that's 'French Kiss'. But that aside it's still my favourite mix of 'When I Fell N Love' and bless her she has a good go at it. This version is scandalously cheap on Discogs, pick it up Near Mint for £5. Total bargain and one of those odd things, it should cost loads and you won't find it digitally.  

Project Forty is featured on the>music:factory mix part two and is the starting record.