RiL017 Virgo Four - In A Vision (Trax)

240x240 Virgo Four - In a Vision.jpg

Eric Lewis & Merwyn Sanders aka Virgo aka Virgo Four have to be the most influential, pioneering and talented producers to come out of the first wave of Chicago house music.  I do not know why the group appears on Virgo Four on Trax then as Virgo on Radical.  Maybe they wanted to get out of their deal with Larry Sherman at Trax - the mysteries of house. They blessed the scene for such a short time in the late 80s with astonishingly good music then mysteriously left without a trace until being re-issued and regrouped in 2011.  When Rush Hour re-released their album it hadn't dated at all. In fact it sounded better than anything produced new in that year. The layers of synths, drums and atmospheres the duo managed to summon are simply extraordinary.  Trax Records were known for having awful quality pressings but Virgo's wax sounds great on the infamous imprint.  It was always quite hard to find a record to play after 'In a Vision' as it simply had no peers. The Rush Hour pressing is re-mastered and sounds great for £15 but if you need the real deal you'll have to pick up the original Radical Records album. Mint Copy £50.  

Virgo Four - In a Vision is taken from the>music:factory mix part two and starts at 4.03