RiL038 Mike Inc - House Arrest (Force Inc)

I always thought Mike Inc was some cool black dude from Chicago. It just goes to show how you can never judge a book by it's cover, or in this case a record label.  I have had this 1994 release for over 20 years on Force Inc and just presumed.  In fact Mike Inc is a German chap from Cologne called Wolfgang Voigt who has with short spikey blond hair and looks a little like David Bowie. It also goes to show that it doesn't matter what you look like when it comes to making a great slab of acid house history. Indeed house has more often than not been created by anonymous producers behind the scenes. House Arrest is still a sought after release and you can find it weaving it's way into the mix around 1 hour 20 minute mark in The Pleasure Rooms mix below