The return of the original 2020 funkateers...


I started 2020Vision records in 1994 and co-produced most of the early releases alongside a lovable scouser called Carl Finlow. As the label grew so did demand for our productions.  We imaginatively started remixes also under the same 2020Vision name and embarked on trying to create a significant body of work. Our best loved tracks became a series of remixes for classic New York act Blaze which included 'Funky People', 'Wishing you Were Here' and of 'Lovelee Dae'.  'Lovelee Dae' still stands out as our best production and is still played today by Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. It is also listed as one of the all time top 100 classic house records ever.  The 2020 studio was home for Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacey Pullen, Alton Miller and many more when they visited the UK.  But it was with Chez that we really clicked. We co-created the 'Chuggles' series of records with Chez for Prescription Underground at the studio in Leeds.  Two records that stood out that we made unde that moniker were 'Thank You' and 'I Remember Dance'.  'Thank you' became a big record for Junior Vasquez at The Sound Factory in New York.  

We also ended up working on music for Arthur Baker, Telex, Felix da Housecat, Shawn Christopher, Josh Wink, Jori Hulkonnen, Soldiers Of Twilight and Swag among many others.  

In 2002 the partnership faded as Carl Finlow moved to Paris.  Over in France Carl pursued his solo project Random Factor while I threw himself into a live project called 2020Soundsystem.  Exactly 10 years later we have decided to make music again together. It was basically down to being in the right time and place again. We never made music or took remixes unless we were really feeling them.  When the artist Freak Seven came along I instantly thought of Carl as they come from similar roots - purist Detroit electro and techno soul. When I heard 'We Bring The Music" I asked the artist Nav for the parts and immediately got a drum track together on my machines and worked out the vocal arrangement.  I sent the finished dub to Carl and just told him to do his thing.  He sent me back his live keyboard takes in a day.  As soon as I heard them I was overcome.  I got goose pimples and a tear came to my eye.  It was if 10 years had been 10 minutes.  We were instantly transported back to the original 2020Vision studio together but we hadn't even been in the same room.

Our first release for 10 years is extremely special to both of us.  We are going back to our roots but with music designed for right here and right now.  We have decided to make this release vinyl only, not as a fashion statement, but because that is how a 2020Vision record originally started its life.  We decided to start again from the beginning and see where it leads us. Aniff Akinola's vocals are layered and cut up around a tight drum workout while Carl Finlow adds ever-moving synth soundscapes, gritty analogue undercurrents and moments of pure beauty. It's coming out soon...

'We bring the music, to take your soul, so move your body from out the cold'