RiL002 Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 (Inteam)


This seminal, timeless piece of music is hardly a lost gem and needs very little introduction to most but it is included early on in the series as it is truly a Record I Love. It is actually an hour long album consisting of 9 tracks or parts but due to the limited amount of 'land' or time possible on vinyl pressings it was condensed onto two seamless sides of one 12 inch in 1984. This was actually it's saving grace in my opinion as it meant it got picked up by DJs rather than dismissed as a 'prog concept album'. It is cited as being a major influence for the young Detroit producers Derrick May and Carl Craig, when they first heard it played on the radio by the legendary Electrifying Mojo.

It inadvertently became a hit record in disguise when it was sampled by Sueno Latino in 1989, which was then remixed by May himself. Basic Channel created their e2e4 Basic Reshape in the mid 90s and James Murphy name checked it as an influence for 45.33. Nearly every warm up DJ I know has used it at some point to open up a club as it not only sets a relaxed tuned-in atmosphere in any room but is also very long so is an easy way to buy some time while you set up!

It continues to inspire artists from all branches of electronic music 30 years after it's creation. Gottsching recently played some live performances again including Oval Space in London. The original vinyl pressing is now highly sought after and will cost around €100 although you can easily pick up the 30th anniversary re-press, (it was originally recorded in 1981 although not released until 1984) for €15 plus.