RiL003 Power House - Kenny's Jazz (NuGroove)

Kenny's Jazz.png

Kenny's Jazz gets the third catalogue number in the RiL series because it was personally such an important track for me.  Unlike many people my first experiences of house music were not on ecstasy in a club but listening to records in my room on headphones.  Maybe that is why I was attracted to dance records that were great to listen to.  My favourite label bar none during my bedroom DJ days was NuGroove from New York, set up by Karen & Frank Mendez for output from the Burrell brothers, who  they managed. They put out a whole string of amazing 12 inch records that consistently had high levels of musicianship for house music.  They called it a day in 1992 but managed to release 110 titles in four years, so over 25 per year, which is roughly double what most labels achieve.  There are so many great records on the label, notably from Bobby Konders, NY House 'n Authority, 33 1/3 inch Queen, Joey Negro, DTR, Major Problems, Transphonic but I chose Power House first for RiL because it was the first one I found. It happened to be a taste of things to come for me as it was an early Kenny Dope production, who went on to be one of my most collected producers alongside Louie Vega for Masters at Work.  Another major player for the future of New York house music Peter Daou also contributed on keyboards.  Mint Copy £12.