RiL 007 Danell Dixon - Dance Dance (Nite Grooves)

Danell Dixon.png

House music history is littered with artists who produce for a short time and then seem to disappear.  I presume some get jobs, some change direction and/or artist name and some just have enough of the music business. I don't blame them!  Dannel Dixon was only 14 years old when he came to the attention of Chicago producers Roy Davis Jnr and DJ Pierre by sending them a demo.  They must have been impressed because DJ Pierre ended up co-producing with the young Dixon on a few projects most notably on 'Dance, Dance' in 1994.  I first heard 'Dance Dance' at the Sound Factory in NYC and it was one of the standout records of the night.  The snares are continually worked through a parametric EQ, while the insistent vocals loop tighter and tighter around Pierre's trademark high strings, organ stabs and TR909 patterns.  A 10 minute workout that subtly yet infectiously keeps interest throughout.  Dixon produced for a short while under that name until 1998, after which I can find no further trace of him.  The mysteries of house.  You can currently pick it up for £25 - £50