RiL008 51 Days - Paper Moon (Touche)

51 days paper moon.png

Paper moon was so far ahead of it's time on production it is ridiculous.  It stands up sonically against most modern deep house tracks even though it is now nearly 20 years later.  It is also far better than most modern deep house tracks.  It starts with a sole guiro dictating the percussion rhythm before letting a live double bass loop drop.  Each instrument is allowed to join in ever so slowly as it rolls along it's 12 minute epic arrangement.  Only the vocals sound dated perhaps as they entice to, "Enter a World, so deep, so liquid" but that's a minor detail indeed.  The record was produced by Dobre & Jamez, who along with DJ Zki formed a formidable trio of early Dutch dance music producers.  They continued to be prolific under different aliases and their own Touche records but it was the early productions that caught my ears, as well as DJs such as Tenaglia and Carl Craig, who asked them to remix Paperclip People.  Paper Moon is still the perfect warm up record, I think it stayed in my box until the late 90s only to be dug out again recently.  Reassuring to see a mint copy still go for as much as £150 on Discogs, although you shouldn't pay more than £15 really.