RiL009 Jago - I'm Going To Go (Full Time)


There's not much you can say about this record apart from "Wow!" An absolute bona fide classic in not only house music but also Italo, boogie and post disco. Italian producers played a huge role in providing high quality production for the late 70s / early 80s American dance market, including Jago's producer Claudio Donata. 'I'm Going to Go'  came out on the excellent Italian imprint Full Time records in 1983. It became a hit in New York after Larry Levan ripped it up at the Paradise Garage.  Levan's long time friend Frankie Knuckles remixed it in 1985, although they managed to misspell his name 'Frankye' on the actual pressing and it is more of a re-edit than a remix.  As soon as the double clap introduces the bassline you know Jago mean business, the production is slick and the arrangement doesn't disappoint as drums the Peech Boys would've been proud of drive underneath tight rhythm guitars and synth melodies. Finally the vocals hit right at the end in an unusual arrangement that bears resemblance to 'Northend - Tee's Happy.'  I have always wondered exactly what the lyrics ask us but I'm still none the wiser. The closest I can manage is "Are you going to the Second Floor? - I'm going to Go."  Anyone know ?  Personally I prefer Frankye Knuckles stripped down re-edit which currently goes for €20-€50 while the original on Full Time is a little less at €10 - €40.