RiL010 basic channel - Q1.1/1


There are so many basic channel tracks that could make it into the RiL series. However  RiL is all about bringing to attention tracks that may have been missed or went under the radar and some dusty dubs that are new for the next generations.  There will be at least three basic channel tracks that will make it in as I loved the series and it is still one of the most important production legacies in techno music. Q1.1/1 wi the first to be featured as it was the first I came across in 1993, when I heard Domenic Cappello playing at The Subclub in Glasgow. This Detroit techno influenced production manages to be annihilate dancefloors while retain it's deep basic channel roots.  I can only presume it was written by Maurizio and Moritz von Oswald, it is often mistakenly tilted as Quadrant. Starting with just a kick and killer bass loop the hats and snares hit like being smacked in the face with a wet fish while delicate soundscape synths generate interest in the mids.  I remember dropping this at a DiY party in Nottingham and scaring half the club off the floor, as they were more into US garage music, but on the bottom floor of back to basics it worked beautifully.  Price range first pressings €15 - €65 for black vinyl or €15 - €150 for the marbled clear vinyl 2003 repress.