RiL011 Earth People - Dance (Apexton)

Earth People.png

House music artists have always loved using aliases, maybe it's in the nature of the underground to feel anonymous and let each selection do the talking. Sometimes it's simply that the artist was under contract under a certain name or they want to be able to record different styles and sounds.  This is the case with 'Earth People - Dance', which was created by Joey Lungo aka Pal Joey.  It is a really simple cut and paste house track mainly using a loop from Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way on Motown but it's so effective.  It is also of a time and a place and the naivety and simplicity of sounds doesn't take anything away from how it rocked a club in the early 90s. As UK producers have recently been looking back to this era of house music recently I have heard it dropped again, most notably by Julio Bashmore.   The kick drum itself is legendary and Pal Joey's sax and strings gel the samples together well into a new composition.  It always gets me on the dance floor anyway.  It originally came out on Apexton but was soon licensed to Champion in the UK.  Copies go from £10 - £70 for a mint copy original pressing.