RiL012 Oneiric - A Tone Colour of Onirico (Mystic Records)


I'm starting to really enjoy this RiL project, where I bring records to the table I have truly loved over the years, both new and old. Each record has become a mini research project and nearly every time I am happily surprised by what I find out or often the mysteries that the record throws up.  When it came to the turn of Oneiric I nearly fell off my chair, I had no idea it was such a rare and highly sought after slab of vinyl.  Once again the writers came onto the scene fleetingly before disappearing with very few clues. Emanuele Luzzi seems to be the man behind Oneiric.  The entire output for the project appears to be two records and it came out on Mystic Records Italy who had a grand total of six releases!  The cut we all used to play, thanks to Huggy who first discovered the record, was the inside track "Blue Envelope".  It is a superb mix of deep rhodes, classic UMM style drums, acid lines, swirling Detroit influenced strings topped off with an spooky drop down featuring an out of breath girl who sounds like she is being chased around a haunted house.  What else do you need in a techno record I ask you?  Unfortunately the rarity of the record means it will cost around £50, sorry I had no idea.