RiL020 Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Change The Track

5.Brooklyn Funk.png

You never forget the first time you hear 'Change The Track' (1988).  It's not Prince Charm's lyric that first hits you, although that does later ring round your head, it's that killer monster beast of a riff. Produced by two Brooklyn gents who went on to become instrumental to the emerging rave scene in New York Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee with Victor Simmonelli, who went on to become a garage music great.  Bones & Dee later produced the Looney Tunes series, particularly 'Just as Long as I Got You' with it's Led Zeppelin sample that was a personal favourite of mine and a massive orbital rave tune in 1989.  The penny finally drops on this release when you see that Arthur Baker had a hand in the record. No wonder the beats drop heavy electro style before changing to the four on the floor.  Those organ stabs used to sound incredible at the Hacienda too. Change The Track was a firm basics favourite and features in my music:factory mix part two from 16.43