RiL021 Camel In The Jungle - Yeah (ESA)

6. Camel In The Jungle - Yeah (ESA).jpg

This is one of those odd house records made by guys who came into the scene for a short time before moving on or disappearing completely.  There are only two records under the 'Camel' name and only one that is worth picking up, this one.  It is dirt cheap to find and there are plenty of copies about. Records like this still have their place in house history though. They were played, mixed and danced to.  I played 'Yeah' nearly every week at the>music:factory and it always went down well.  It is a simple cut and paste sample based track that uses DC La Rue - 'Cathedrals' as it's main hook.  You can find it on part two of my MF mix starting at 20.45 mins