RiL024 D Ha & Mad Mike - Work Me (Happy Trax IV)

If ever a track ripped apart the middle floor of the>music:factory it was 'Work Me' on Happy Trax IV.  As with so many of these RiL I didn't really pay much attention to who was making them at the time. I was far too busy having fun!  It was only later that I found out that the legendary Mad Mike from Underground Resistance was also behind Happy Trax.  Music from Detroit but far from the more abstract harder edged technological sounds of UR these were uplifting records for dancefloors.  There are three Happy Trax on Happy Records recorded with Lawrence D. Hall (D-ha) and Mike together. The best are 2 & 4 which will cost at least £40 each for a Mint copy.  I had a copy of Work Me but it was so scratched it was unplayable so I bought a new one to mix the>music:factory mix part two.  It starts at 59.57 below