RiL025 Petra & Co - Just Let Go (Dub) (BCM)

If you judge a book by it's cover or a record by it's sleeve you would have swiftly flicked past this one in the racks. The cover is terrible and 'Just Let Go' appears to be from a Belgian pop singer called Petra de Steur, who went on to record universally acclaimed Flemish hits such as Vrolijk Kerstfest and Nooit Zo Dichtbij.  Not got them ?  Shame on you.  But the magic of 1989 dictated that every studio producer in Europe had had a life changing experience in a club and wanted to make a house record. So the producers (Wilde, Larson, Sterman) sneaked a hidden gem of a dub on the B side. That was found by DJs and slipped onto the decks at The Hacienda where it became a huge track.  It uses the Inner City - 'Good Life' stab sound but takes it into a different direction with strings worthy of an early Derrick May record and harder edged drums.  After hearing it in Manchester I started playing it at back to basics where it became a classic for the club and one you could easily pull out and put on tomorrow.  It's what we in the trade call 'a sneaky' because most people missed it due to the cover and it never became a truly big club hit so stayed under the radar.  It is cheap as chips to pick up and you'll never regret it.  Highly recommended.  You can catch it on the>music:factory mix at 1.21.50