RiL026 De-Lite - Wild Times (Mayday mix) Circa Records

I would go as far as saying this is the best techno remix of all time.  If there is a better one I'd like to know.  It should not be confused with anything from the band Dee-Lite with the extra 'e' in their name and their music. Remember groove is in the heart?  Well it's nothing to do with that. Once again this was a huge track at The Hacienda club in Manchester that we brought over to Leeds and played at back to basics.  It is a truly epic workout that took the sparse minimalism of Mayday's solo tracks on Transmat to new levels of production, adding vocals, pianos and more intricate arrangement.  It has been bootlegged and re-pressed on numerous occasions but a good mint copy should be £30 +  If it's not it's probably a fake.  If it looks to good to be true - It is.  Totally essential for your collection.