RiL040 Model 500 - Off To Battle (Metroplex)

If there is one single techno record that will send shivers down my spine and make me start jackin' in whatever place I find myself it is undoubtedly this one.  Aptly called 'Off To Battle' Juan Atkins has certainly managed to create a stirring symphony that would send even the most jaded techno warriors into the good fight.  Atkins used his Roland RS-09 String synth to great effect in his work in the mid to late eighties and it is most probably responsible for the rousing string section in 'Off to Battle'.  He was also a big fan of the Boss D55 Drum machine and Korg MS10 and Arp Odyssey.  But whatever gear he was using it is impossible to copy the sheer emotion, raw energy and spirit of those times in Detroit.  A total classic and one to own on original imprint.  It mixes in around 1.30 in The Pleasure Rooms mix