RiL041 Rhythim is Rhythim - It is What It is (Transmat)

From one Detroit legend to another and after featuring Juan Atkins in the last RiL it is now Derrick May who lights up the pathway with 'It is What It Is'.  Not only is this a great saying in it's own right that I use often, it is also the name of Matthew Jonson's record label and the title of one of the best slices of techno ever made. Although not as well known as 'Strings of Life' it is in mind the more accomplished track. Similar to 'Off to Battle' it once again manages to perfectly balance raw drum sounds with orchestral strings while a heavily syncopated mid range synth sequence holds down the fort.  One of the tracks you always remember hearing for the first time, in my case Laurent Garnier in 1990.  Another one you just need to own on vinyl.  A digital copy just won't do. The track takes off at 1.35.37 on the Pleasure Rooms mix