RiL043 Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep (Junior Boys Own)

If there's one single record that defines back to basics at The Pleasure Rooms it is New Jersey Deep. You would never hear it peak time but it was an ever present in the last hour, often last track of the night. Created by Ashley Beedle and Marc Woolford it is largely a cut and paste job heavily sampling Wood, Brass and Steel's - 'Funkanova' which was one of David Mancuso's Loft Party classics. The fun part of this Records I Love series is trying to find out who was behind the records, for years they were usually just anonymous slabs of vinyl in my record box.  It turns out Wood, Brass & Steel only made one album but included on the LP was not only Funkanova but also 'Always There' which went on to be a big hit for Incognito in the UK. Even more bizarre is the fact that two of the guys, bassist Doug Wimbish and guitarist Skip McDonald later become members of the Sugarhill studio band and ended up in the UK themselves as part of Tackhead with Adrian Sherwood.  New Jersey deep kicks off around 2.00.30 into the mix