RiL045 Faze Action - In The Trees (Nuphonic)

The 'quintessential' Nu Brit House track from the Nuphonic label.  I do love that word and have been dying to use it but it's not one to throw in lightly. But it is totally deserved and true on this occasion.  Although it is a long way from much of the standard fare of Nu Brit house that got produced in the mid nineties on labels such as NGE, Classic, Paper and 20/20 Vision it was still very much thrust into the same genre. The producers Faze Action, were a brothers called Simon & Robin Lee.  They actually have their roots far more in disco and have since widened their musical references to include African, Latin and Balearic. 'In The Trees' is not even a straight up house track. In fact it is hard to beat match as it begins with strings and a live drum fill straight into the main theme.  But played by house DJs it was.  Often at the end of a night or in the warm up.  It crossed over into a wealth of scenes and could even be heard on the radio.  The production is sublime. Check it out at 2.33.33 on The Pleasure Rooms mix