RiL031 The Chicago Connection - Dancin' (Cajmere Mix) (Cajual)

Mark Grant is back on the blog again, this time with a joint production under The Chicago Connection with his label boss Cajmere.  They both provide mixes on either side of the wax which are both good.  It was Grant's mix on the A-side that was the version we played the most at The Pleasure Rooms but it's Cajmere's that features on the mix. Why ? Well, because I am largely obsessed by finding great mixes and tracks that go really well together to create a DJ mix that flows and on this occasion it was the flip side that fitted like a glove.  That is also another reason I extend the sleevenotes for the mixes into the RiL section, so I can paint the truest and most precise picture of the club (as far as my memory allows!).  The track samples 'Stephanie Mills - Put Your Body In It' (1979) and for some reason is extremely expensive on discogs.  It is a bit of a mystery why it commands such a high price as Cajual is a prolific label with many great tracks and the early catalogue is all fairly limited pressings.  It is the only track ever recorded under this name but that would hold true to a million other house records.  We can only guess that it is just a superb slab of vinyl.  Last time I looked it would set you back £50 + Mint.  Dancin' starts around 22 minutes into the Pleasure Rooms mix.