RiL033 Francois K - Mindspeak (Danny Tenaglia mix) (Wave)

Well there's no need to introduce the guys involved in the making of this record, two of the most influential DJ / Producers to have ever emerged from New York city.  They both played at back to basics, and both were red letter nights that rate among the best the club ever witnessed. There always seems to be a single moment that you remember from a great set that defines your experience. Sure, you remember certain tracks or people or events but there is always one that stands out from the others.  My FK moment was being on the dancefloor itself looking up to the curtained mezzanine, where the DJ Booth was situated just as he was working George Kranz - Din Daa Daa into the drop of Lil Mo Yin Yang - Reach. I just stood there mouth open as he built wave after wave of energy mixing the two mighty tracks together.  When he finally let it all drop it was 'Over', as they used to say in NYC. I paid homage to this memory in my Pleasure Rooms mix by mixing the two together, albeit in a much more subtle way. I heard Tenaglia many times but the one that beat all the others was an all night session at Groovejet in Miami during the WMC of 1997.  Danny was peaking and his tribal sound was rulin'. This time my moment was this track with just these 'Dah-Dahs' that sounded like Yello or something. That was running for what seemed like forever when he added the acapella of 'Voodoo Ray' over the top.  At this point a guy with his shirt off tried to climb up the poles that supported the DJ booth to reach him desperate to just touch his hand and connect with him. People were just freakin'.  Well I'm still a sucker for those 'Dah-Dahs' and you can hear Tenaglia's Hard and Soul remix of FK - Mindspeak on my Pleasure Rooms mix below, it starts at 38.49 in the mix.