RiL050 Mike Perras - Beginning Of Life

I'm going to be repeating myself if I start mentioning The Sub Club again but 'Beginning Of Life' reminds me of DJ Harri.  The intro has the best use of strings in a house record apart from 'Strings Of Life'. The snares snap the beat in like a military band sounding an attack and the kick drums demand you to dance.  DJ Harri has almost as good a dub collection as he does house music.   He has been playing at the subclub since 1986 and mixing beats there as consistently as a metronome.  In a pack of DJ Top Trumps he would be the card that won the hand with highest appearances.  If this blog does nothing else but introduce a few new people to DJ Harri then it would have been worth the long hours it has taken me.  'Oh' and yes,'Beginning of life', was a great end of the night track at back to basics.