RiL049 Baffa - Piano On

Stefano Secchi and Max Baffa were behind this record.  Secchi had already had a huge Italo Piano screamer called 'I Say Yeah' but 'Piano On' is a different kettle of fish and not nearly uplifting enough to have been a piano house hit.  Pianos have a mixed history in house music.  They have been used to great effect, such as in Marshall Jefferson's - 'The House Music Anthem' itself but the instrument became so overused by the mid 90s that discerning producers stopped using them . What piano lines can be credited with is injecting energy into a dancefloor. At the same time Basics was going off in 1992-4 there was a club in Nottingham called Venus. Venus had two floors and Paul Wain and Christian Woodyatt as residents.  It featured more progressive sounds downstairs while the top floor played piano screamers.  The clubs were going crazy at the time.  They had more a 'hands in the air' atmosphere rather than the cooler 'heads down' vibe you have on so many of todays dancefloors. I had to sell a good number of my copies a few years ago as they made me cringe but there are still some piano house tracks I can handle such as Smallage - 'Together', Soft House Company - 'What You Need' and SLD - 'Getting Out'.  'Piano On' is one that stands out still as unique for me.