RiL048 Hoomba Hoomba - Voice Of Africa

We’d never finish on a house record at Basics. We liked to send people home happy with an uplifting Balearic moment.  Voice Of Africa - 'Hoomba Hoomba' definitely did the job but so did The Weatherall mix of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Glider’, Moodswings – ‘Spiritual High’,  Future Sound of London – ‘Papua New Guinea or even more Balearic moments such as The Stone Roses - 'Fools Gold',  Fleetwood Mac – ‘Big Love’ or even The Thompson Twins – ‘ You Take Me Up’.  

As important to me as the records above is the mix itself.  I have always loved the art of mixing and putting records together and have spent years practicing different ways to do it.  This project is a labour of love and very personal.  I hope you enjoy it and continue to follow as it progresses.