RiL054 TC 1991 - Berry

Samples have always been an issue in house music but for some reason sampling by Italian producers in the late 80s / early 90s was more extreme than elsewhere.  When TC 1991 came out I thought it was just a total rip off of Mr Fingers.  Listening back to it now I actually think it was more probably a case of the producers finding the classic Fingers Inc sound on a Juno 106 and replaying it.  I must admit I did get over my initial concern quickly and it became a huge record at Basics. TC were actually FPI Project in disguise.  FPI famously had a club hit with 'Rich in Paradise / Going Back To My Roots', which is an Odyssey cover. So maybe it's a case of good producers who couldn't actually write an original song ?  They followed up the TC series every year, they were always full of samples.  Incidently the odd names on each track title of TC 1991 are the band members names 'Berry, Fratty, Intrallazzi and Presti'.  Whatever the samples or integrity of TC 1991 it deserves it's place in the mix as a Music Factory bomb.