RiL055 Primal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It

I'm not quite sure what I can say about Andrew Weatherall that hasn't already been said a million times before. I listened to his remix of Primal Scream's - 'Don't Fight it Feel It' and his mix of My Bloody Valentine - 'Glider' to include on mixes for the blog.  It was just as humbling an experience in 2011 as it was in 1991. Both records are in a league of their own.  Try putting on the original of 'Glider' and then flip it over for the remix. It is just astounding how the remix came from the original. Of course 'Loaded' was the biggest hit out of all the Weatherall remixes and we did use to play that on all floors of The Music Factory but for me it's these two which will remain in my box 'till the day I die'.