RiL056 Dee Pattern - Who's The Badman

This is Dave Beer's favourite ever Basics record.  I didn't just include it on the first mix because of that but it certainly reminds me of him every time I hear it.  It also has a Leftfield connection as they licensed it to Hard Hands.  Before it came out on Hard Hands it was circulating as a white label for ages which I was lucky enough to pick up in 1992.  I did see one of these recently on Discogs for £40 but that has now gone.  You can get it cheaply and easily on Hard Hands still but beware of the many remixes which are all bad.  'Who's The Badman' resolutely refuses to be placed in a genre.  It uses the Incredible Bongo Band's - 'Apache' break (more famously used by West Street Mob) over a four four kick but it's the sub bass that really propells it to a different place. A precursor of both drum n' bass and dubstep the only similar sounds of the time came from Shut Up and Dance.