RiL057 Djum Djum - Difference

Outer Rhythm was a highly respected label with links to Warp.  In fact the first six Warp records all carry the inscription,'in association with Outer Rhythm'. They also had a licensing agreement with R&S records to distribute their catalogue in the UK.  So Djum Djum's stable mates included Moby, Ital Rockers and Leftfield. The writer on 'Difference' is listed as Neil Cole.  The only biog I could find for him is on Last FM which quotes that he is the son of Professor Stanley Unwin who was a South African born comedian most famous for inventing his own language of Unwinese.  Mr Cole is also said to have been a rapper from 1976 and originator of Jum Jum which is the sound you make while chewing an elastic band.  After 1995 he mysteriously vanishes. Either he has one of the most unusual life stories ever or he is the imaginary alter ego of Neil Barnes from Leftfield.  A further search of Stanley Baldwin's life revelas his children's names to be Marion, Lewis and John. No Neil is mentioned.  The plot thickens.