RiL058 Rozlyne Clarke - Dancing Is Like Making Love

Another record that won't break the bank to pick up and also another entry in the 'great dub - awful cover' club.  The FX noises on 'DILML' used to cut through a system and sound amazing.  I suppose it's a record that could be filed under 'progressive house' but I never associated it as such.  For a brief time there were some great records that didn't fit into the house or techno category.  Guerilla records was the label most identified as being 'progressive' and there are some great tracks to find on that imprint by Bassomatic, React to Rhythm and DOP.  We certainly played them at Basics so I can't ignore the fact that we did contribute to the music heading in 1993/4 towards 'progressive house'.  However it was very shortlived at Basics and we didn't book the genres most famous exponents Sasha & Digweed or follow where they took it. That's my disclaimer anyway and I still love this record whatever genre you want to place it in.