RiL059 Jump - Funkatarium

Funkatarium is not a highly sought after classic record.  In fact you can currently pick up an original copy for 99 pence on Discogs.  But that doesn't mean it's not good.  I am sometimes amazed at what sells for huge amounts on Discogs and what goes for nowt.  Obviously it can be down to rarity and deletion but it's also down to current trends and elitism.  A house record made by a UK producer on average is instantly worth less than one made in the USA.  I know the music originally came from the states but there are some great contributions from our shores.  There are some truly terrible records on Trax with horrible mastering pressed on poor vinyl, for example, but you can throw a lot of money at original pressings.  I'm not saying Funkatarium is a ground breaking moment in electronic music but it has a distinct UK edge and rocked Basics dancefloor every time I played it.  I see 'Funkatarium' as a pre-cursor to the wave of 'nu disco' music that came out of the UK nearly ten years later from artists like Chicken Lips, The Revenge and Toby Tobias.  Apologies for using the term 'nu disco' as it's generally not liked but I know of no other.