RiL060 Rio Rhythm Band - Carnival Da Casa

The man behind this record was Ian Loveday who unfortunately died in 2009.  I didn't know he had passed away when I made the mix so it made me pleased I included it when I found out.  In his career he worked with Baby Ford and under the alias of Minimal Man.  The first memory I have of this record is playing it on the middle floor of The Music Factory when Terry Farley was the guest.  Terry was also playing it and I got talking to him. He put in a good word for me down in London which helped get me get a gig at Full Circle.   Full Circle was at various venues, the best known was The Greyhound in Colnbrook near Slough.  It was run by DJ Phil Perry and his partner Fiona.  It was the first and best Sunday party for the Acid House generation.  It was the center of the whole London Balearic scene as most of them came from out that way.  On any Sunday you would find Weatherall, Farley, Darren Emerson, Fabi Parras, Charlie Chester and Rocky & Diesel down there. The Basics crew went down one time with loads of plastic sheep, due to Charlie Chester joking that we were all 'sheep shaggers from oop north'.  They loved Dave especially and we formed a close link with them as people and DJs.  It was an important introduction for Basics in London and the 'Balearic network' expanding.