RiL061 Gypsymen - Hear The Music

Another all time great producer Todd Terry was behind the Gypsymen - 'Hear the Music'.   He has over 1100 tracks listed on Beatport and been responsible for so many Basics hits I've lost count.  So many we chose him to guest at the 20th birthday party anyway.  I remember reading an interview with Todd in 1989, one line stood out for me. When asked about how he produced records he replied,"man, I just put the drums real loud!".  And you can be sure that you always know a Todd Terry beat.  Todd Terry joints that would fill the floor at Basics came thick and fast ; from 'Bango' to 'Make That Move' to 'CLS - Can You Feel It' to Sound Design 'Bounce to the Beat'  and Sax - 'Don't Turn Your Back On Me'.  Looking back on them now that simple formula of putting the drums right up high in the mix coupled with well used samples from disco classics is the key to their success.  On 'Hear The Music' the sample comes courtesy of Unlimited Touch.  Another thing I notice is how the beats sound in the mix.  On this cut he gets them sounding like you are in a warehouse or at The Hacienda even if listening on small speakers in your home.  The kicks are pushed nearly to distortion and those hats have got very heavy decay.