RiL062 4TH Measure Men - 4 You

MK appears twice on this mix and will appear again on future mixes.  The MK story is interesting and best told through an excellent interview on Juno.   He disappeared from making underground House Music in 1997 and you could presume he fell on hard times, as many other great US House producers did, when hip hop took hold of America (again).  In fact he was producing pop records for Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Will Smith and many more.  Pure talent has on occassion swept briefly through house music to bless the scene with classic productions - for example I have been trying to find out what happened to Neal Howard who made 'Indulge' (above) and 'To Be Or Not To Be' before dissapearing in 1990.  '4 You' has recently been re-issued by Defected along with a double CD of MK music and you've got to admire their timing.  '4 You' sits happily alongside brand new productions by hot new producers such as Maya Jane Coles and Julio Bashmore who were toddlers when it first came out.  This summer at DC10 I heard Jamie Jones, Dyed Soundorom and Kerri Chandler all drop MK. The '4 You' bassline could be from a dubstep record and the cut up style he used on vocals ensure there are never any embarrassing cheesy songs. MK is probably unique, being a solo producer who managed to be both a darling of the underground and a high rolling pop producer.  You could argue daft punk and Basement Jaxx managed it as bands.