RiL063 DSK - What Would We Do ?

When I was searching for records for this mix I struggled with how dated many now sound.  I needed to make sure it was a realistic representation of what was played at the club but some of the tracks from the period sound embarrassing now.  One production team whose work still shines and whose music was heavily played at the time are Terry Farley and Pete Heller.  Best known as Fire Island the duo were inspired by trips, as we were, to see Junior Vasquez play at The Sound Factory in New York.  We were all blown away by our experiences at The Sound Factory.  Junior would play all night to 2000 mainly gay clubbers.  This was the heart of house in America and a very different scene from what was happening in the UK.  We had just about mastered beat matching two records but Junior was coming from a long line of New York DJs that knew how to program and peform. He was working the records not just playing them.  Dubs would introduce a theme, an acapella would be thrown in the mix through a delay unit until finally later in the night - boom, there's the full vocal version.  The first night I ever went there was with Terry alongside Boys Own label mates Rocky & Diesel and Ashley Beedle aka X-Press 2. Junior knew they were in the house and busted the intro to X-Press 2 - 'Muzik Express' for about 15 minutes until he finally dropped the full track after the break.  We had never seen anything like it and it was a record made by our lot.  DSK was also getting hammered by Junior but also the New Jersey Garage great Tony Humphries.