RiL064 The Party - In My Dreams


The Party - In My Dreams (instrumental) is the kind of record every DJ loves to find.   Finding an amazing instrumental or dub of a truly awful record with a horrendous cover is gold dust as it means most DJs have overlooked it.  I remember DJ Harvey pulling me out an appalling looking Modern Romance record called 'Tear the Roof off The Moose', at Record and Tape Exchange only to find it was a secret weapon. I even remember some DJs in the shop sniggering - who's laughing now fools ?  I have lost count of the amount of great house records that are dubs of terrible tracks.  I would always go straight for the dub.  This was a bona fide Basics classic that I lay total claim to.  I found it, I broke it, I rocked the floor with it for years - so there.