RiL065 Landlord - Like It

Another Big Shot record and another Hacienda classic that we carried on at Basics.  I won't repeat my story about The Hacienda but I will add an embellishment.  When you walked into the Hacienda after paying you would walk through a curtain of plastic strips.  It cut just enough sound out, that, when you walked through you would instantly be hit with the throb of the kick drum - Boom Boom Boom Boom !  Anyone on their first trip to the Hacienda would have this baptism by beats and be profoundly effected.  Then as you walked further in you would see the bodies gyrating and jacking everwhere you looked.  Straight in front of you on the floor, up on the stage to your right and above you on the balcony to your left.  The sound at The Hacienda was actually not good at all but it had character. It sounded like a warehouse.  The speakers were flown from the wall above the stage.  I played there once and it was a horrible system to play on.  For todays clubbers brought up on Function One it would be shocking.  I don't think they'd mind though as there is nowhere around now that has that atmosphere.  Anyway, a record had to be really well produced to sound good in the Hac and Landlord - 'I Like It' sounded immense in there.  The Music Factory also had a very average system.  Maybe todays obession with sound isn't everything ?