RiL066 DJS Rule - Get Into The Music

'Get Into The Music' reminds me of my brother George.   He was living over in Manchester when Basics started and we would meet up in Leeds or across the other side.  We also had some mates from London who came up to visit, as back then they had a far better night 'ap Norf'.  George always had the funk and liked a good vocal in a track.  With it's infectious, catchy hook, 'Get into the music - it will set you free', repeated over tight drum programming this was a great track to pick up any floor.  It got really big at Basics. We would all meet back and play tracks at my flat after the club and George brought a mate called Jake Purdey over from Manchester who would spin tunes far better than me at the time.  Another great DJ that as far as I know no longer plays out.