RiL067 Neal Howard - Indulge


The first memory that comes into my head listening to 'Indulge' is an image of Domenic Cappello DJing with me at the Sub Club in Glasgow for the very first time in late 1992.  Dom was brought up on house music at the Subclub.  I'd never been before.  There were 500 Glaswegian nutters going ballistic in the club and they really knew their music.  Dom was so nervous he had to take a trainquilizer before he could play.  You're expecting me to tell you he then dropped this record, he didn't, but that's still the first memory that springs to mind. Isn't it weird how the brain works ? However, it is indeed a record I relate to Dom.  He is another DJ I owe many records and good times to and I'm sure I am way down on reciprocating.  Domenic first played at Basics in September 1992.  He was staggeringly good back then and even better now.  I have found over the years that being well known as a DJ is not directly dependent on ability.  There are many DJs far worse than you that are far more famous and there are many that no one knows who are better.  A lot to do with it is the character of the DJ and their ambition.  To get really big you have to guest all around the world but why travel when you have the best club on your doorstep ?  I think both Dom and myself shared this experience over the years, but he's a far better DJ of course.