RiL068 How II House - Time To Feel The Rhythm

'Time To Feel The Rhythm' is another record that I can't claim to have broken at Basics.  It was a truly huge track at The Hacienda club in Manchester.  I am the first to admit we were inspired by visits to The Hacienda. Of course we were, who wasn't ?  We were sick of driving over to Manchester to go to a house music club and by the end of 1990 the Hac was on it's way down anyway.  It had grown victim of it's own success and attracted undesirables (to say the least).  There were shootings both inside and outside the venue and Britain's first ever ecstasy death, Claire Leighton, happened inside it's doors.  In early 1991 the club was forced to close due to police objections to it's license.  It re-opened in 1992 but was never the same force it had been and closed for ever in 1997.  Basics took over from The Hac as the best club in the North of England.  I do think that the Hac's demise significantly boosted Basics numbers.  The Trans Pennine Express started to take more passengers the other way.