RiL069 Bhundu Boys - Bye Bye Stembi / Teque Nick

The Bhundu Boys - 'Bye Bye Stembi' says one thing to me - Slam.  Stuart Macmillan was one of the first guests at back to basics and he left an indelible impression on the club.  At the time he had long hair, wore leather jackets and had a thick Glaswegian accent.  He's still got the accent at least.  He was also an amazing DJ.  Well before any of us could truly mix in Leeds there were probably 10 DJs from Glasgow that could.  DJ Harri and the Slam boys had already been DJing at the Subclub since 1986 and 1988 respectively, there were also new DJs coming through like Lars Funk D'Void, Domenic Cappello, Oscar, Michael Kilkie and the first DJ I ever saw in Glasgow - Nick Peacock.  Slam actually remixed 'Bye Bye Stembi' for DMC who used to put out a DJ only series that you could only receive through subscription.  It's not as good as the original though as I'm sure they would both agree.  I keep mentioning Slam in the plural, that's because there are two of them.  Orde Meikle is the taller of the two by about three feet and at Basics he was by far the more unfortunate. Stuart played for Slam at first as we couldn't afford two train tickets.  He was having so much fun in Leeds he never let Orde come down until finally the big man got his chance.  On that very night in February 1994 the West Yorkshire Police raided the club and detained Orde, along with myself and Dave over night in the Bridewells (cells).  Gotta laugh haven't you.