RiL070 Flow - Another Time

There's no way I can claim 'Flow' to be a record I broke at Basics as my best mate will come on here and slaughter me. Huggy was the best record store salesman I ever saw.  Whether you're sitting at home clicking through pages of Beatport releases or buying records online from a store like Juno, Phonica or Picadilly you are missing one thing - Huggy.  We'd travel over from Leeds to Manchester not just at night for the Hacienda but also by day for Eastern Bloc records.  I'd get there at 10am as the new shipments arrived and Huggy would already be holding court in the shop.  There were other sales staff instore but no one would get close to operating the deck if Huggy was in.  He'd have a pile of new records by his side, place one on the platter, then turn around to the whole store and shout, "check this bastard owt!!!", in his broad Yorkshire accent.  Instantly 10 hands would shoot out, "I'll have one of those mate!".  He would walk along the counter flipping out records from the box like frisbees. Eastern Bloc in it's day could sell 500 copies of a single title in one shop with no internet sales.  This is now roughly total worlwide vinyl sales on a good release.  Flow - 'Another Time' was a Huggy tune, I'd never claim it as my own, but as he's one of my true best friends and I've also been playing it over the years so I'm sure he'll let me off.