RiL072 Coco, Steel & Lovebomb - Feel It

Chris Coco was better known by us during the early years of Basics as the editor of DJ magazine.  We would meet him in Miami for Winter Music Conference with his partner Helene Stokes and at the beginning they really supported the club.  We sat on top of the best club chart in DJ mag for weeks on end in 1992.  He was also a DJ and producer who very early on in his career made this exceptional record. It is the only bleep classic to come out on Warp by a producer from the South of England.  'Feel It' has a housier edge than it's contemporaries such as The Forgemasters, LFO and Sweet Exorcist who all came from Leeds or Sheffield.  It's use of percussion loops and vocal samples rather than a more purist use of machines, most notably the Roland TR909, make it stand out on Warp's catalogue. The record first appeared on Instant records (as above) before being signed by Warp.  Of course, as always, it's the original pressing you want.