RiL073 Sandee - Notice Me

The 'Notice the House mix' is the cut on my mix.  It's one of the greatest house music dub mixes ever.  If you look closely at the label you find out why - it's an early Clivilles & Cole production.  They later became C&C Music Factory who had several more hits at our Music Factory under that name and also with The Cover Girls, Seduction and Liz Torres.  Their trademark snare sound is recognizable from one hit at a hundred paces.  If you don't know it then one listen to 'Notice Me' will fill you in.  What's even more amazing for me about this dub is that C&C take it so far away from the original, which is a typically non-descript 80s electropop song. They have taken odd vocal lines and unused out-takes and dubbed them up with long feedback delays to devastating effect while the beats stays solid. At this stage house music certainly took inspiration from 'real' dub music coming out of Jamaica.  Robert Clivilles family were originally from the Caribbean but Puerto Rico not Jamaica.  He grew up in New York which was a hot bed for Jamaican artists.  I'm not sure if he was exposed to dub as a kid but it sounds like it to me.  My 12" copy was totally scratched so I went looking for a new one.  I happened to find a rare original pressing CD of 'Notice me' which is basically like finding the master copy.  It cost me 50e but it was worth it.