RiL074 Marshall Jefferson presents Truth - Open Your Eyes

I decided to start this series of mixes celebrating 20 years of Back to Basics with the first ever record played at the club - Marshall Jefferson presents Truth - 'Open Your Eyes'. Why did I chose this particular track to play first on November 23rd 1991?  Well, back then I could only beatmix and struggled to mix anything that had an intro starting with keys or bass.  I had learnt to DJ through understanding rhythms.  I had been playing kit drums from the age of 13 so I picked up mixing beats fairly easily but struggled mixing keys and basslines for a long time. So this record gets the hallowed title of, 'first ever record played at Basics' by default - I could play it first track without having to mix it.  Of course the vocals give a cool message and the atmosphere is perfect for a warm up track but I have to admit it was the former reason that was the real push to play it first.  There are far more famous tracks by Marshall of course, this one is a lesser played gem.