RiL075 Isolée - Beau Mot Plage

In the early days of 20/20 Vision records I received a message from some guys called Jörn and Roman telling us how much they loved the label. In fact they were so into it they had played an entire set of 20/20 Vision music at the Wild Pitch club in Frankfurt. When you are setting up a new project there is nothing better than getting news that somewhere, someone else is diggin' what you are doing. The guys happened to be Jörn Wuttke and Roman Flügel who went on form Alter Ego, Klang Electronic and Playhouse records with Heiko and Ata. It was the start of a close relationship with the guys including working on joint releases like Random Factor - Broken Mirror and remixing Blaze - Lovely Dae in return. I still think Playhouse can lay claim to been gone of the most influential electronic house music labels of all time with artists like Lo Soul, Blaze, Mathew Herbert and Ricardo Villalobos all creating multiple early works for the imprint. One of the most enduring and endearing artists ever-present on the label was also Rajko Müller pka Isolée. It is artists like Isolée that have stood the test of time and whose output still stands the test of time as unique and original music. 

Beau Mot Plage was his greatest hit, in no small part thanks to Luke Soloman who picked it up for Classic records and really made it happen outside Germany. It stood out from the crowd in every shape and form bringing minimal sensibilities into the world of house in such a melodic and well constructed way. I remember seeing it appear in the best of 2000 charts as both ‘best record’ and also ‘record most likely to clear a dancefloor’, possibly the only record to have achieved that honour ?  Beau Mot Plage taught the house DJs how to work pure electronic tones and gave techno DJs a groove. It is pure perfection and never fails to excite me, even 20 years since it’s first release in 1998..

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